freebird – remix

Grundig tape recorder
Grundig tape recorder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a tune I wrote way back, after I’d returned to Canada from my two year sojourn in India.

Originally composed on a Yamaha porta-synth (with those tiny keys), I tried a couple of versions using midi and digital technology some years later.

Because I really didn’t know anything about mixing and mastering, the results were interesting, to put it nicely…

Here’s a remix, using all the virtual tech and know-how I’ve acquired over the past two years:

I like this simple, futuristic tune. To me it has an Asian and Middle Eastern flavor, even if the chord patterns and guitar are decidedly Western.

For the sake of comparison, here’s the (not very balanced) last version I uploaded around 2014:

When I was a kid I used to play with radios, tape recorders and electronics.

English: A RadioShack brand cassette recorder,...
A RadioShack brand cassette recorder, with built-in microphone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a young adult I became an “audiophile” and spent hours fiddling with speaker arrangement, cassette recording techniques, etc.

So my current interest in mixing and mastering is just a logical extension. At first I was overwhelmed by the myriad of knobs and sliders available to today’s bedroom producer. But I’m now getting a handle on it, and am REALLY enjoying the process.


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