fly by night

Here’s a tune I worked on over the holidays. Probably doesn’t sound like it but it’s 20 different tracks in Reaper (my audio workstation). All the instruments are either freeware or my stretching the most out of demo plugins. I tried different types of mastering, and finally decided on the rough and dirty FL Studio “Slam Amp Master” preset in its Maximus plug-in. I thought maybe the result was a bit too cavernous so tried adjusting it. But with the demo version it’s a bit tricky. One wrong move and you lose everything (because you can’t save with the demo). After some mastering variations I decided I liked this best.

Uploading the file to SoundCloud changes the sound balance too. SoundCloud uses mp3 files, at not a very great quality (last I heard, 128 bitrate). So you have to take that into consideration too. How will uploading “crunch” the sound?

Anyhow, lots of fun. I hope you enjoy. My favorite part is the piano. Although I do like the trancey guitar too.

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