Going home to Win 7 (after flirting with 10)


After trying out the free Windows 10 upgrade for a few days I decided that I liked my old Windows 7 better. The upgrade restored my computer to Win 7 as promised. But it wouldn’t let me restore my computer to its factory condition (with bundled software) from the partition on my HD.

Luckily I’d made factory restore DVDs a while back. So I’m restoring my machine back to Win 7 without any of the Win 10 excesses that may or may not still be hidden somewhere on my HD.

So let this be a warning to anyone upgrading. Make sure you have a proper external backup of your old system before upgrading. Otherwise, you might get stuck with Win10, like it or not.


Later… So I’ve got Win 7 humming away again. This time I didn’t even install my usual email client, Thunderbird. I really am in a lean and mean mood today. That may change, but right now I’m enjoying the stripped down laptop. Instead of Thunderbird, I just made email folders and bookmarks in Firefox, the only program I’ve installed so far.

While doing that, I noticed that msn.com has all the new Win 10 features I’d want, or a lot of them, at their site. So I can still get the funky news and other features without the big, bloated Win 10 interface.

Do you like Microsoft’s new Edge browser? I must admit it’s pretty cool to be able to snip out and highlight web pages. But after a little exploring, I realized I can do nearly the exact same thing with the snipping tool included in Win 7.

So, to make a long story short, I flirted with Win 10 but am happy to be back to Win 7.


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