Sunday morning travels

i thought I’d travel, so to speak, with google earth and check out something interesting. I’ve been curious about Romania for a while, and have never been there. Much to my delight I saw that Google earth is getting better and better. Pretty soon we won’t have to fly at all! But what a joke, my exotic locale had this billboard plastered all over a quaint old building. Just when I wanted to escape from all the 21C hype!

Google earth via tumblr – click image for fullsize


  1. Interesting reflections. Google maps is awesome. But not immune to censorship unfortunately. I’m looking forward to a time when we can totally explore our solar system in super high def 3d on a large home cinema screen. Not just from outside, but right down to the surface of each planet. Get down to the moon and walk around the debris left by the Apollo Missions in virtual reality. Oh, look there’s a golf ball.

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