la sœur de Frère Jacques

(English = Frère Jacques’ sister)

This is a simple chant that reminded me a bit of the old French lullaby, Frère Jacques. I thought it would be interesting to experiment with different time frames. So the melody is digitally sped up and slowed down, sometimes dramatically (range = 4x to 0.1x speed). The time changes are instantaneous, not morphed.

What came out of this manipulation would never have occurred had I just played the notes faster or slower. Changing the DAW (digital audio workstation) playback speed made the sounds go pretty weird. But I like it.

It seems like some kind of excavation of the unknown. Not unlike EVP (electronic voice phenomena), I almost felt like I’d uncovered some kind of secret truth…

Image credit – (please view this link… it’s unfortunate the way SoundCloud automatically cropped this here).


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