singularity – a look at the future?

click on image for fullsize – via tumblr

I was goofing around with some software, seeing if a certain filter gave a random or the same effect each time. Turns out it was random.

When it generated this, I knew it was the one. If you look carefully, maybe with the fullsize image, you can make out a face in the circle. To me this looked like someone peeking thru a wormhole. Not that we can do that now. Not in a controlled or coordinated way. But sometime in the future, who knows..?



  1. Yeah, I think there are so many powers and dynamics that we’re only dimly aware of—the old “flat earth” / round earth” scenario. Except this time the “round earth” is the extended cosmos.

    Science is beginning to explore it; although in some instances, I think very roughly.

    Hollywood has picked up on some of the ideas with the film, Interstellar. Not a bad movie; if you get a chance maybe see it! 🙂


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