Spin me another slanted, selective story…

Justin Trudeau at the 2006 Liberal leadership ...
Justin Trudeau at the 2006 Liberal leadership convention. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Transcript, with a few edits, from dictation with the Dragon app)

We all know that the news is slanted. But recently in Canadian politics a story came up that made this so painfully obvious. This story might not be of immediate interest to non-Canadians. But bear with me. It points to bigger problems.

It’s a story about Eve Adams, a former Conservative party member who defected to the Liberal side. On CBC TV she was televised live with the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.


Smiling and wide-eyed, she seemed enamored with Trudeau, telling us what a strong, optimistic leader he was. Adams also said she left the Conservative party because it was “mean-spirited.” So I accepted what she said at face value, until later in the evening when I found this news story. Here we find a very different Eve Adams:


And then this:

Eve Adams crosses the floor to join Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, slamming ‘mean-spirited’ Stephen Harper

I don’t know what Adams’ true reasons were for leaving the Conservative party. But I think it’s important to read all the different sides to the story. And I can only wonder how many other news stories – not to mention scientific findings – are just as colored as we see in these reports.


  1. I think everything has a slant… from religion to science, politics to playtime. For me, it’s a balance between free thinking and choosing to “fit in” for the greater good. I’ve never believed in radical revolutionaries. I suppose they had their time and place (Russia, China, France). But generally the same ol’ same ol’ returns in a new form.

    No, I’m far more on the side of getting in there and making small, subtle changes from within the “system,” as it’s euphemistically called. I think that’s more effective than the kind of massive social upheaval that revolutionaries tend to catalyze.


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