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8 Great Things about Tour de France 2014

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English: The 'Grand Depart' Le Tour De France ...

The ‘Grand Depart’ Le Tour De France Riders on the first day of racing in the parade down Northumberland Avenue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eight great things about Le Tour de France.

  1. Announcers – number one has got to be the announcers. In Toronto we hear these UK guys who sound exciting, intelligent and international. Not sure about other countries…
  2. Countryside and Architecture – nice to watch
  3. Camerawork – fantastic on and off-ground
  4. French crowd and their stylish look – Yes, the French do have a knack for style
  5. Glamorous women – kissing the podium riders on the cheek, Euro-style
  6. Riders – sorry about that, many would probably say they should be number 1. Gotta be honest here!
  7. Interesting ads – roadside, cars, stores
  8. Riders’ team outfits

Well, that’s it. A pinhead’s guide to Le Tour de France!


Author: Michael Clark

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