Telecaster with Fretted Synth Full, Broomstick Bass and XLN Drums

Fender Telecaster. Quelle http://nl.wikipedia....
Fender Telecaster (Wikipedia)

I’ve been having a great time playing with my computer and music plugins. When it’s freezing cold outside and you really don’t feel like going for that daily walk, fiddling on the computer is a great alternative. I actually restored the whole thing from scratch. I like to do that about every 6 months. First back up all your data… and then… go for it!

It’s like getting a new machine. Everything runs fast again. And you can forgot about all those lousy programs that slowed down your PC. So in the process, I dug up this demo from a few months back. I’d pulled it from SoundCloud cos it was a bit tooooo jangly. Even for me!

This new remix is a bit more balanced. I’ve applied everything I’ve learned over the past little while. Here’s the SoundCloud intro:

You may remember this little demo from a while back. I just remixed it using slightly different plugins. The biggest change was getting rid of MDrummer and replacing that with XLN Audio’s Dynamic Drums. I also added a master/limiter that I hadn’t tried when I first posted this… Kjaerhus. I really like this plugin. It gives a subtle punch without making the mix too sparkly.


What are you thinking?

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