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awakening – via Tumblr

There’s sort of a complicated story behind this pic. My Mom bought this doll some years ago, near where she used to summer at Georgian Bay. Recently we picked up a few more dolls at the dollar store, sort of as fun conversation pieces for visiting family. Anyhow, we imagined that if this doll, Amy, were real, she might feel a bit jealous as the new dolls are pretty happenin’ and Amy’s a little bit old-fashioned. So we put this bright garland around Amy, also from the dollar store, to make her feel more “with it.” All just silly fun. My Mom’s very cool and we have a good time being creative.

So today the sun came streaming thru our window. The light was coming and going, so I ran for the camera, memory card and batteries. Then I turned it on and shot at whatever manual setting it was at. Turns out the aperture and shutter speed were just right!


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