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MIDI GEAR (Photo credit: me dais poca industries)

Thank you for the likes (SoundCloud versions, below). It’s encouraging.

Since posting this I realized the drum track had to come down at the beginning. I actually drew more detailed volume curves for the entire drum track. That, of course, changed the rest of the mix. So I had to basically redo the levels for most other instruments.

Still remaining are the levels for the little riff that sounds sorta 70s-ish.  The first instance has to come down but… well I can’t remember… some are okay and some are not. It’s not a big deal to fix but I’m sort of saturated with this project. Hearing it so many times you not only lose perspective but also get…. bored?

No, maybe it’s not that. I just feel there are certain times when I can do this. I have to be in the “music mood” as it were. And right now I’m in the blogging mood. Cleaning up some admin. stuff, making sure I’m getting back to all followers, whom I also appreciate very much!

I do plan to get the final mix out by MLK day! And then after that, onto the next project… with a whole bunch more producing/mastering knowledge under my belt!


Author: Michael Clark

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