it’s getting better all the time..

MLK project – Click for larger image

Well, I went out for a drive today and listened to my latest mix in the car. What a drag! It sounded so good on my home stereo. But the second I turned the car sound system on, I realized that the EQ was way off. To make matters even worse, I followed it up with David Guetta’s Titanium. Now there’s a guy who knows how to mix. For the most part anyhow. There are parts of that song that sound a bit chinsy to me. But that’s just my taste.

So when I got home I researched different EQs, mostly thru the bedroom producer’s blog. His recommendations don’t seem like a bunch of b.s., like some other plugin sites do.

Mostly, I wanted to clean up the sound, get it less cavernous and more snappy. So I did lots of tweaks today. Too many to mention. And I checked out three or four free EQs. I also read up on EQ. Turns out I was boosting the bass and treble way too much. But I already said that.

Am now trying to mix using headphones. I thought my stereo was representative of what’s out there. But now I’m starting to wonder. The acid test will be when I go for my next drive. All comes true then…

It’s late. Very late. And I’m tired. But I thought it would be fun to post a screenshot of the project as it now stands. If at all interested, just click on the image for a larger shot. The wavy horizontal lines in the project are wav files and the small rectangles are MIDI notes. So cool… I’m really have a blast learning this stuff!


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