my humble studio

Image via Tumblr

it’s getting late and I should be hitting the hay. just wanted to post this pic i took tonight. i was working on “shaft vs bullitt”… pulled out the guitar because, in you didn’t guess, the “guitar” in my jammmm session (below) was really a keyboard! there are some pros to doing that, like being able to easily hit two notes just a semitone apart for some nice dissonance. but the downside is that you lose so much rhythm, tone and genuine note-bending that a real guitar affords. problem, however, is that i’m way out of practice and my fingers start to hurt after a while! non-guitarists probably don’t know that guitarists develop callouses on their fingertips to guard against pinching a nerve. Seriously! pinching a nerve can put you out of action for a month, anyhow. so.. i’m going to hopefully build up those callouses, get back into practice, and stun you all with my amazing johnny guitar prowess! 🙂


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