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The Paranormal Christmas Lights

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The case of the reappearing Christmas Lights!

Okay, this is a true story. It just happened. Today I felt it was time to get the outdoor Christmas lights out. So I went down to the basement to get them. After a few minutes of looking in the usual storage place, I decided I’d outsmarted myself and put them in some new place that I couldn’t remember. I looked and looked and looked and looked. And then I looked some more! Still no lights.

In the process of looking, I realized the basement really needed a cleanup. There were old shirts I’d been keeping as rags and old boxes and bags. I cleaned it all up. I got the snow shovels out. And put the rakes away. I sorted through other old things that could be recycled and thrown out. And I found a digital photo frame that I wanted to run my Christmas pics through.

I figured that the lights would appear once I got the basement in order. But they still were missing. So I went upstairs to the closet in the living room. I cleaned it out. Still no lights. Then I went to the closets on the second floor. And I cleaned them out. Still no lights!

At this point I pretty well gave up. Maybe I took them to Value Village (like Goodwill and the Sally Ann) last summer, I thought. Maybe I donated them by mistake. But that didn’t make much sense because I don’t really remember going to Value Village last summer. And I bought this set of lights last winter.

By this point I said to my Mom, whom I live with, “Well, at least some good has come out of this. The house is good and clean!”

Then, taking one last trip downstairs to get my coffee that I’d left there, I was stunned. Sitting right there, at the bottom of the stairs in a tidy clump were the Christmas lights!

Now the funny thing is, when I was cleaning, my mom kept saying that they might be in a clump to the left of the basement stairs. I looked in that area 3 or 4 times, and couldn’t see the lights. But that’s exactly where I finally found them. And it seemed like they literally appeared out of thin air, after I’d done all the cleaning.

Did God “hide” them from me so I’d be motivated to do all the housecleaning? Did I subconsciously block them out while moving them around? It’s just too weird! But it all turned out well. 🙂


Author: Michael Clark

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