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I was at the beach last weekend, some 100 miles or so out of the city. Lake Ontario is immediately behind this. The black is all water and sky. But you can’t see that, of course.

I had to shoot this one blind because I couldn’t see anything in the viewfinder, even with the moonlight. It gets so dark, miles away from civilization.That’s partly why I love going to the beach… day or night. It really is another world out there. Especially at this time of year. The only other people around are ghosts!

I wasn’t going to take this shot at all but my 87 year old mother was with me, and she urged me to take it. She always does that (used to work in a camera store). I don’t like it when she tells me to take a certain scene but she’s often right! So after my initial resistance I usually come around and take the shot she sees. What a trooper she is for coming out to the beach with me that night. We had a ball. I dedicate this one to her.


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