Piano Classics – New Songza Playlist

Piano (Photo credit: me5otron)


I play the piano a bit but have always found my left hand to be more sluggish than my right, so I never got very good. I’m sure it’s some neurological thing, or maybe even ancestral/genetic. I’ve tried to reprogram my brain (with practice) to loosen up the left hand, and have had some success. But still, my right hand is what I do solos with.

Funny thing is, on the guitar I’m quite dexterous with my left hand. You have to use the left to play the notes and chords you want to play. So maybe it’s just a question of practice and nothing deeper than that. I’m not sure.

Anyhow, I love piano sonatas. So last night I curated a mix that should please music experts and newbies, alike. For those who don’t know, a piano sonata usually means only one piano. I really dig the complexity. I mean, how complicated just one player can be. And I usually compare that to my own fledgling efforts to play.

Sometimes I fantasize that in the afterlife I’ll be able to compose and play like these composers and pianists. But I don’t think it’s going to happen in this life!


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