Spooky – Halloween – Remix

A remix of The Halls of Hell… less reverb on organ, boosted screams and a few other tweaks…

Not sure which version I like better. Still not quite right. Hopefully will get it perfect by Halloween!



  1. Cool, I dig a good Halloween mix. Love dragging the old self-made Halloween soundtrack out each year for my English classes. BTW: I see that your handy with mixing. I have a bunch of kooky spoken word stuff which I would love to experiment with. Maybe we can do some kind of collaboration in the future if you are interested. I don’t suppose you play key board by any chance do you?


  2. I play keyboard but am somewhat limited… so I’m relying on MIDI big time. The joy of midi is that if you make a mistake, you can pretty much have total control in correcting it… pitch, timing, velocity. But it’s time consuming. That’s partly why my tunes are a bit bush. TIME.

    That’s my convenient excuse anyhow! 🙂

    Let’s keep it open… 🙂


    • Absolutely brother. Well I could send you a track if your up for it. Basically all I needed was a bare bones, garagey keyboard kind of deal. A very simple repetitive rhythm (a haunting retro sci-fi backing) nothing too fancy.


      • Hey Lee, I’m intrigued. But I doubt I could get anything done by Halloween if that’s what you need. I don’t even have time to pursue my own stuff right now! But if you just want to experiment/collaborate, and don’t mind waiting a while, then yeah, I’d be into it. I’ll follow up on email… file formats, best way to transfer. etc. 🙂


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