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Tip for resizing images at WordPress

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296I just discovered something that makes blogging a lot easier. Not so much here but over at earthpages.org and earthpages.ca.

Basically, I like my images to all be the exact same width. It just looks better. And sometimes getting that was a bit of a hassle.

Before my recent discovery, I’d usually load a photo editing program (sometimes slow) or use a proportion calculator to resize my images to a fixed width of 300 px in order to get constrained image proportions. Sometimes resizing in the WordPress dialogue box would happily create a width of 300 px, right on. But many times the width would be slightly over or under.

Then I saw it. I was fiddling around with the WordPress text editor and simply entered 300 for width, leaving the length unspecified. And voila! WordPress re-sized the image to 300 px and automatically constrained the image proportions. No more waiting for bloated photo editors to load, nor entering data into web page fields.

But there’s an even easier way. Here’s an example (image above-right). I created it with an original width of 296 px, and 384px for height. By opening the WordPress Advanced Settings dialog box and entering 300 in the width and leaving the height blank, it automatically re-sized the image to 300 and got the length proportionally correct. Then, if I go back to look in the Advanced Settings, a numerical value of 389 px shows for the height. And I would never have got that without an editor or external calculator.

It might seem like a small thing. But when time is of the essence, every second makes a difference! 🙂


Author: Michael Clark

I'm the administrator of Earthpages.org | Earthpages.ca with a Joint Honours B.A. in Psychology/Sociology at York and Trent U, an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion at Visva-Bharati, India, and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at UOttawa.

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