Humbled by a 24 year old…

Yesterday I got a chance to hit the highway (see below). I listened to Avicii’s new lp on the drive out. I liked it. Seems he’s listening to all sorts of music these days… country, jazz, classical, 60s rock. What an interesting young guy. He’s also an incredibly talented producer who says that dance music is “half stuck.” And I couldn’t agree with him more. It seems there are formulaic sounds, sweeps and fills. When I first heard a Ministry of Sound lp about a year ago I liked it. It seemed like an exciting update to the kind of stuff I used to listen to.

But now I realize that Avicii is right. The scene is pretty stale. And full marks to him for trying to shake it up a bit.

I also realized from listening to his music that freeware can only take you so far. That’s my excuse, anyhow. I had my latest tune on the playlist, and when it came up I could hear more clearly in the car, miles away from the city, what I like and don’t like about it. After two listens while driving through apple orchards, way the heck out there, I realized I had to do it again. It needs far more modulation (changing the waveforms) on the main theme and the drum fills are… well, they just suck. Most of them, anyhow.

Not sure if I can fix the tune up or if I’ll just start all over again. But it was humbling. My tune came on right after Avicii’s new lp. Not that I expect to be close to his level (or should I say Levels). But I think I could do better. It won’t be dance music though. That’s not really me. But there will be dance influences, along with a whole bunch of other influences. Now, all I have to do is find the time. Making electronic music is fun but it’s incredibly slow going, and tiring too. Lots of starting at the computer monitor, moving midi notes around, adding curves, listening to a few seconds of the piece over and over and over… If anyone thinks it’s easy, think again!

What are you thinking?

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