A word about Earthpages

Image via Tumblr

Today I was thinking about Earthpages. I’ve been doing that blog since about 1999! And I have literally hundreds of good articles stored on the back burner that aren’t showing right now.

I had to do this because one of my major sources only allows 100 articles at a time for use on other websites. And I play by the rules. No sense in trying to pull a fast one and publish more than 100 at a time. That’s just not the Earthpages way, nor my way.

You may have noticed that some articles at earthpages.org reappear virtually unchanged after a few years. Sure, I may beef up the image a bit, or add a few new “related articles,”  but several recent articles published at earthpages.org have already appeared some years ago.

Weakness? Not at all. I’ve kept the best ones online, the one’s that people like (I can tell by viewing my stats page). And not unlike the ever rotating but always changing Earth, certain elements of Earthpages reappear, slightly modified, while others drop off.

Image via Tumblr

Cool huh? Just think of what the Earth looked like millions of years ago. According to continental drift theory, the continents were all in different places. Dinosaurs ruled and died out. And a whole bunch of other changes came and went. But many aspects of the Earth are still largely the same… The amount of water on the planet, for instance.

And so it is with Earthpages. It’s changed a lot since the early days. But in its slow, cyclic way, it keeps its central identity. New articles come and go. Some stay online. Others are archived. Meanwhile, old gems reappear, just as the revolving earth keeps showing its recognizable but ever changing face to satellite cameras and astronauts.

Not sure if that’s making sense to everyone. But that was my thought about Earthpages today. Slow, steady, cyclic change. New stuff, old stuff. It’s all good!


What are you thinking?

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