Brickwall Limiter, Compression added to… Telecaster with FA3 Full, Broomstick Bass, and MDrummer

My latest experiment in sound production. Just added LoudMax Brickwall LImiter to the mix. Brickwall Limiters are used to get the signal as loud as possible without clipping (going above 0db). Brickwall limiting is often used by pros and I can see why. Pop stars want their song to have a big bang when we turn on the radio. Compare to my last demo, which is exactly the same but without the Limiting.¹ This one’s much louder from the get go. And it’s a bit more “together.” Although some might say overly “canned.” Like anything, there’s debate here. But the current cultural trend is to package music in a box… that sounds like a box. So there we go.

LoudMax Brickwall LImiter:

¹ Well, actually, that’s not entirely true. I converted the last demo to a wav file at FULL SPEED (faster than the song plays) whereas in this demo I converted it in REAL TIME (same rate as the song plays). I used the different rendering speeds because each time, they sounded better that way. But FULL SPEED vs. 1x rendering to a wav file is a subtle difference that many might not hear. Can you tell I used to be one of those excessive audiophiles, back in the day?


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