Telecaster with FA3 Full, Broomstick Bass, and MDrummer Small – Demo

Well, I didn’t go to Church today. Not yet, anyhow. I usually like to catch a 12:10 Mass. The mid-week masses are nice and quiet with just a few people. Really quite monastic.

But today I felt compelled to do this demo. It’s much the same as the previous one except that I

  • added my Telecaster with FreeAmp 3 Full
  • changed the preset on MDrummer from “Techno” to “Studio” kit
  • bass is unchanged, except a few notes lopped off at the end
  • added a touch of Ambience reverb to try to gel it all together

Not a perfect demo but good enuf to illustrate the FX… It sort of reminds me of Lenny Kravitz and an old lp by Traffic (Shootout at the Fantasy Factory). (sampled Fender bass)…Drummer+Small (sampled drum kits with FX) (FreeAmp 3 Full) (Ambience reverb)


What are you thinking?

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