life on the highway

I took this with a REALLY old cell phone. I just never bothered or felt the need to get a new one. The camera is primitive, but I sort of like the effect. Someday someone will probably make a photoshop filter called “old cell phone” to emulate the look!

last night i took off to the beach.. i don’t get too many opportunities to get away, and usually it’s just for a few hours. so when i hit the highway it’s really an event! Coming home I was listening to some of the latest electronica/dance tunes and was stunned by how good these artists are. Some might think that electronic music is soulless or tasteless when compared to so-called authentic instruments. But that’s a crock. Anyone who actually TRIES to do electronic music would appreciate just how talented the new, leading artists are.

I was also thinking about J.S. Bach, whose work I also love. He got all complicated with keyboard notes. And today, producers get all complicated with sounds produced by another type of instrument—the computer. What’s the diff when you get right down to it? A harpsichord or piano is a machine too. It just doesn’t use electricity.

Anyhow, those were my highway musings. I’m mixing down my latest MIDI project and will be posting it here fairly soon. This will be my second attempt at MIDI. Not nearly as good as the greats, but it’s fun (at least, fun when I’m not scratching my head over the technical stuff!).



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