Casio WK-6500 – should I stay or should I go?

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I picked up a new keyboard now that it’s warmer and time to expand my musical horizons.

Got a great deal on a Casio WK-6500, and it’s fun, has international styles, a pitch wheel and a USB connection for MIDI… all sorts of things my old Yamaha doesn’t have.

But the sound? Hmm. Not nearly as good as the Yamaha with most voices. The organ sounds are great, and Casio is known for that. But most of the voices don’t sound sampled… more like approximations of Yamaha voices via analog synth. This baby is so on the line that I’m wavering over taking it back or not. I have to buy a new sustain pedal if I keep it because my Yamaha pedal is wired in the opposite phase. When I depress it, it gives staccato and when I release it, sustain. Who can figure? I wish all these companies would just get along and stop making accessories that only fit their own equipment.

Oh well. I’ve got about 2 weeks to test this out before deciding if it stays or goes. One big draw for keeping it is the price. Only $225 inc. tax. The new Yamaha that I’d want is $529 before tax. And in Ontario, where I live, sales tax seems to just keep getting higher and higher…


What are you thinking?

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