When I was back there in seminary school…

C. G. Jung institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland....
C. G. Jung institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland. Photo taken by my mother who is an admirer of Jung and his work. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actually it wasn’t seminary school like most people think. I was studying comparative religion for my Masters in a small university village in India (Santiniketan). And my specialty was on the Hindu Bhagavad Gita. But it was something of a monastic experience, even if not formally defined as such. Some of the foreign students (sounds funny but that’s what we were called) joked that studying at Santiniketan was like entering into a monastery without really knowing it!

Anyhow, I finished my degree with a few ups and downs and managed to get funded for the University of Ottawa, where I was all set to do my Ph.D. I knew that I wanted to study Carl Jung there because his work seemed a good focal point where I could integrate many of my interests. I ended up doing my doctorate on Jung’s concept of synchronicity, which arguably was related but not quite the same as the projected thesis outline that helped me to gain admission.

I was rifling through my drawers and found the original outline a few days ago. I think it might be of interest not only to Jungians but to anyone interested in the spiritual life and how it relates to the rest of society.

Projected Thesis Outline for the University of Ottawa, Department of Religious Studies (pdf copy of original dot matrix document)

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