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Mystic double face. You in me and me in you. T...

Mystic double face. You in me and me in you. The world in us (Photo credit: wwwuppertal)

Well I actually uploaded the tune to SoundCloud the other night. But the moment of truth came when I heard it online. I quickly deleted it. Funny how that is. I can really like something but the second it goes online I can hear all the flaws and shortcomings. It’s the same thing with photography too.

I’ve developed this tentative theory that the www is sort of like a group brain. Once we post something, even if nobody has heard or seen it, all sorts of potential intuitive ‘feedback’ comes back. Just a theory. But it does seem to work that way with me, anyhow.

Long and the short of it—I’m still learning more about sound editing and am keeping Evil Mystik in mind as I do. I HOPE I can get a version out. But just when… not sure.


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