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My Fender Fender Fender

My Fender Fender Fender by glen edelson via Flickr

I’ve busy over the past few days. It’s been a bit frustrating because when I did have some creative time, I was making great gains with my Telecaster Plus on my tune-in-progress, “Are you an evil mystik…” After cleaning off the strings with dish soap (a trick I learned to make them sound new without having to restring the guitar) I tested out some post-processing guitar effects.

I’m still undecided if I’ll put the guitar through my amp, mixer or just plug it directly into my laptop. So many options in the 21C. In the old days, the big decision was whether to go with a tube amp (like Fender or Marshall) or a solid state one (like Fender Squire or Ross). Solid state amps don’t sound quite as warm and full as tube amps, but they tend to be cleaner and tighter.

Another factor impeding the release of my tune is my 50-year-old epidermis. I actually sliced a finger on a guitar string while practicing, trying to get the callouses back on my fingertips! That would have never happened in my 20s or 30s. Oh well… I’ll keep on rockin’ as long as I can, Band-Aids and all..

And don’t laugh kids, it’ll happen to you too! 😉


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