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“Evil Mystik” might get a second life

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Plato azul de IKEA

Plato azul de IKEA by juanpol via Flickr

I’m very happy because I was just fiddling with my tune “Are you an evil mystik…” and realized a possible solution to the tempo problem (mentioned last time).

Hard to explain but I copied a single instance of the kick-drum and cymbal beat-by-beat onto the timeline. And instead of deleting the old rhythm track (generated in its entirety by my Yamaha keyboard clock) I left it in.

Now the two rhythm tracks gradually get out of sync, which makes for a really cool effect, considering this is a tune about a twisted character who will eventually unravel. So as Plato once put it, Idea/Form is mirrored by Practice/Becoming.


Author: Michael Clark

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