metropolis revisited

metropolis revisited by MC via Flickr

Earlier today I was playing around with a photo of an outdoor poster I took around 2005. Many will recognize it as Maria from the famous Fritz Lang film Metropolis. I ended up not using this image, thinking it a bit far out for, and also not the best work I’ve ever done.

But I left it on Flickr and feel that it works better at night.

The page it links to is mostly experimental stuff… I usually try all sorts of things before getting the final look down for, which can’t just appeal to fringe audiences but must speak to everyone. That’s my hope, anyhow.

Here’s the second fix that I did use today at Earthpages for an article called Avoid the New Age Consciousness Trap at All Costs. I’m not entirely happy with it either. But I only have so much time in the day to play with digital filters… 🙂


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