False consciousness..?

Cash Money Store for short term loans on Yonge...
Cash Money Store for short term loans on Yonge St., Toronto - Photo by Vinceesq at Wikipedia

I woke up this morning to the sound of the garbage truck… looking feebly out my window I realized I’d forgotten to put the trash out last night and it was too late to make it just then.

But I did manage to get some good work done b4 having to go out. A few years ago I wrote a short entry at earthpages.ca about ‘false consciousness.’ Today I updated it.

After going downtown I wrote the following. Oh, and btw, I did manage to get the garbage out after all… the truck came around to the other side of the street in the late afternoon. 😉

From False Consciousness at earthpages.ca:

Another example might be what I saw today on Yonge St. in downtown Toronto. A sort of weather-beaten looking fellow who might have been living on the streets was wearing a brand new Globe and Mail baseball jacket with fine gold lettering on black. The Globe and Mail is Canada’s conservative newspaper. I’ve heard it called an “old man’s” paper, meaning that it generally represents the interests of conservatives with quite a bit of money. And I think it would strike some neoMarxists as ironic  – and a proof of false consciousness – that this fellow was wearing that particular jacket.



  1. I saw this past Sunday’s “60 Minutes” about an artist who is taking pictures of the poor and homeless in much the same way that the poor and homeless were portrayed in some photos taken in the Great Depression. When I think I have it tough, I remember the pictures of the children they showed. And it makes me realize that being “classified” is just as prevalent in our society as ever. I love the term “false consciousness.” Sandy


    • Yes, there are usually many sides to a story, and then above that, God’s view.

      But our world tends to lump all sorts of different individuals into some kind of apparently uniform category. It may be convenient for various agencies but it can be discriminatory too.


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