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Troy Davis – The night the lights went out in Georgia

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Image by C. Elle via Flickr

I’d never heard about Troy Davis until the MSN homepage flashed a story about his upcoming execution. After a while I turned on CNN and saw the full TV coverage.

Part of me was hoping that his appeal would be successful. I mean, even if he did kill that man, does another death make anything better? And what if he didn’t?

If there’s a shadow of a doubt the death penalty just can’t be applied. Actually, I don’t believe in the death penalty at all. It seems so primitive. And, as much as I love and admire Americans, I just do not get how such a great nation, one that can put a man on the moon, can still stoop so low as to execute human beings.

I could go on about how jail time would allow the sinner to reflect and repent for their sins. But… the main thing is that someone was killed last night when there was a shadow of a doubt in the case. And that, IMHO, is barbarism.

No nice way to dress it up.


Author: Michael Clark

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