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Review – Birds Of Norfolk: A Bird Watchers Dream (DVD)

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Title: Birds Of Norfolk: A Bird Watchers Dream
Genre: Documentary, Nature, Bird Watching
Extras: Photo Gallery
Production Company: Reality Films

I’ve seen a lot of nature films so wasn’t expecting too much while placing The Birds of Norfolk into my DVD player. But this film, well, this one is different. Superb, actually.

The narration is lively and detailed with a fantastic soundtrack ranging from classical standards to tasteful, relaxing pop. Excellent maps illustrate exactly where each chapter is filmed along the breathtaking shores of the North Sea at Norfolk, UK.

But what makes this film stand out is its awesome cinematography. Directed by Robert and Jill Wilson, who also run a photo processing shop in Norwich, the cameras use state of the art telephoto lenses. The close-ups are crisp and clean, with vibrant color and outstanding depth of field.

Bird watchers, ornithologists and anyone loving nature will delight in this production. Not only does it offer sweeping, full color landscape shots of the beautiful beaches, marshes and farmland around Norfolk and the North Sea, but its coverage of indigenous and migrant birds and other wildlife is astounding.

Get ready to see sleepy seals, poisonous snakes, hungry squirrels, and high fliers from all over the world, to include the US, Canada, Africa, Siberia and Japan. Birds clearly know no national boundaries. And a host of enthusiastic bird watchers gather regularly at Norfolk to witness this dazzling diversity of species.

How ironic that I watched this in the midst of the BP Oil Spill. Although I already know that innocent birds soaked in oil is horrendous, this film just brought it all home and yet, thankfully, was something of an ideological antidote to that tragedy. It gave me hope to be reminded that some people really do care.

The Birds of Norfolk celebrates the grandeur and mystique of our natural environment and underscores the importance of not only conserving but actively nurturing the biosphere. We also learn how local ecological initiatives have, in some cases, cleaned up habitats and actually restored endangered bird populations. And that’s a wonderful thing.

This inspiring film depicts the exact opposite of the gloom and doom scenario now unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. In a world with many wondering if we’ll make it through the 21st century, The Birds of Norfolk is nothing short of a revelation and certainly a wake up call to protect and appreciate this magnificent creation called Earth.




Author: Michael Clark

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