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Goo Goo Gaga

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Okay, so I’m a little bit behind the times. I just got around to watching a Lady Gaga video after seeing she’d hit the one billion mark with online viewers.

That’s pretty big. Hard to ignore that. So I went and had a look.

Well, I have to admit this kind of stuff is not for everyone. While watching I couldn’t help but think how all the holier-than-thou religious persons would be condemning it as “the work of Satan” (or something like that) if they ever took the time to watch it. And some might secretly love it but never admit it.

Myself, I found the masks interesting, calling up images of ’70s Bowie and Gladiator. As for the in your face sexy stuff, well, that doesn’t do much for me. Not because I find anything terribly wrong with it. If someone wants to crawl along the floor like a wild beast and make lots of money out of it, who cares?

On to the music…

Hmm, except for the tinkly harpsichord intro, not memorable. Reminds me of some Hindi dance music I heard echoing through the streets of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) back in the ’80s.

Is this going to be remembered as great stuff in 10 years? I doubt it highly.

Does anyone remember Donna Summer?

Donna Who..?



Author: Michael Clark

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  1. Left you a comment on the long thread on BC

    Roger Nowosielski


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