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Review – Hamish Miller on The Parallel Community (DVD)

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Shot mostly outdoors in the United Kingdom’s beautiful West Cornwall, Hamish Miller on The Parallel Community looks at Earth energy, dowsing, near-death experiences, ancient ancestors, spiritual cleansing, alternate realities and a new global movement called the Parallel Community.

Miller, himself, appears to be a happy, likable fellow very much in tune with nature.

He tells of his former life as a successful entrepreneur where conforming to the work ethic (where work is commonly understood as getting some kind of paycheck) gave him everything… but happiness.

One day while driving along in his car he came across a stunning sunset. Miller wished he had time to enjoy it and suddenly realized that he did. So he stopped his car and got out to watch the natural beauty unfold.

This and other pivotal experiences have contributed to this intriguing man’s metamorphosis from international businessman to mellow blacksmith and unofficial leader of the Parallel Community, a group of kindred spirits interested in living in harmony with the Earth.

Among his many recollections in this film, Miller’s personal account of a near-death experience is extremely convincing. Likewise, his story about a serious illness during which time he envisioned sacred beings helping to make him well again comes off utterly natural and believable.

The only reservation I have with this DVD has to do with its claims about dowsing. I’m no expert in this field but, from what I’ve seen so far, remain unconvinced.

Although the dowsing material seems a bit too easy, this shouldn’t deter one from exploring Miller’s unconventional and far-reaching ideas. Rarely if ever do I completely agree with another person’s perspective–unless perhaps he’s Jesus Christ.

This much said, Miller is an engaging, innovative figure who just might be a herald for a better future. And The Parallel Community explores ideas that definitely need exploring in a world becoming increasingly hypnotized by the dimly lit menus of iPods, BlackBerrys and other techno-gadgets.




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One thought on “Review – Hamish Miller on The Parallel Community (DVD)

  1. “The only reservation I have with this DVD has to do with its claims about dowsing. I’m no expert in this field but, from what I’ve seen so far, remain unconvinced”.

    I know what you mean. I did buy an old farm from 1644 with a lot of challenges in the restoration period. There was rooms non of us actually could sleep or got sick short time after living in the room. The neighbors was fully aware of this phenomena and did know how to prevent any harm, when using old knowledge. We found a guy knowing the old technic about dowsing. It was incredible to see how he did work and found aquifers – water was crossing under the house exactly where the worst rooms was. We didn’t tell him anything before. Pretty amazing just move the bed and it should be over…

    As a Engineer, I asked him full of doubt whether he could learn me this old knowledge. He gave me the willow twig and i tried very hard. Nothing happen at all. I did try many times – no luck. In the end for me wast of time and money. Then coffee in the garden and talking about wind and weather and local stuff – the guy was talking to my little daughter. She was curious about the willow twig and he showed here how to use it and told her only to think about water – very concentrated and relaxed at the same time. She tried and it worked so extremely well at first try, my daughter was crying. It was spooky and next time she did it was along the windows outside. Very strong movement up – not down this time.
    The old man told us perhaps our gutters was filled up with water – And after checking – a tennis ball was the reason. So I tried again without luck – but my kids and Spouse did it with no effort at all.

    We can believe it or not – perhaps try it and let others try also – on places where you know for sure it will be possible to find something.
    I think it is all about our believe system. Doubt can prevent us to do natural things in 2012, what is build in – in every human being in 1000th of years. Perhaps our school-system did pull out every kind of natural abilities and replaced it with artificial, theoretical knowledge. We can’t see Time. But experience time and we measure it anyway every day in our life.

    I think we can handle dowsing and iPod at the same time, with our mind. Both are results of the same higher intelligence. Developing intuition or developing an iPhone are part of the same creativity we can use or waste. Primitive old fashion stuff is not automatically better. But taking the best knowledge and combine to something sustainable and useful, is our real challenge now.

    Cheers from Norway


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