Back to Church…

I was getting that dull feeling that comes if I’ve been away from Mass for too long and going to St. Michael’s Cathedral in downtown Toronto to receive the Eucharist helped to make me feel spiritually well again (so much for all those materialists, skeptics and New Age pundits who say there’s nothing to organized religion…).

But going to church is not always entirely uplifting. There have been irritating things about some churchgoers. Like those who gave me funny looks (before the H1N1 scare) when I didn’t want to risk picking up germs by shaking hands during the Mass.

Now that they’ve been told by the Church not to shake hands with strangers for hygienic reasons, there’s suddenly no more hostile looks or, as happened one time, almost aggressive gestures of disapproval.

Before all the H1N1 hype I was thinking for myself, as I often do. And thank God I was. It might have saved my life, even if I did have to endure a few unruly stares.

I guess the thing is, people are just people. None of us are perfect. And so it goes with organized religion. If we were all perfect, would there be any need for church?

Just some thoughts on a late Sunday night after Mass…



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