It’s getting better all the time…

Analog Beatles
Analog Beatles: Kevin Dooley

Sorry all you closet fab four fans, I’m not talking about the remastered Beatles collection. Actually my guess on that is that it’s not all that great, if it’s anything like what they did with the remastered Star Trek.

Sometimes it’s better to leave the proverbial edges a little blurry if they were originally intended to be that way.

But before I meander off into a pop-culture critique, I should say that I’m talking about – Think Free, my love and passion (well, maybe not my love but certainly a passion).

As you may (or may not) know, began as a book that I started to write after graduating from school. One summer I realized that I could spend a whole bunch of time, and probably money, getting it published by some obscure company, or I could just make the content freely available on the web.

The latter choice seemed right. So hence the birth of Think Free.

Why better all the time?

Well, when I first started plugging the book into WordPress, I was mostly concerned with just getting the database online. I didn’t add many if any pictures. And all the cross-referenced links were left dead… meaning it was incumbent on the visitor to copy and paste them into the search box to find related material.

I knew that was pretty lame. But I was under time constraints, as I still am.

So to make a long story short, just the other day I decided to start hyper-linking all those cross-references in It’s going to be more work but the end product should be far more useful.

Check it out! » – Think Free



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