Computer… start dictation…

Microphone by psd

Looks like voice recognition is finally getting off the ground.

I’m still using WinXP so did a search for some front end voice recognition software that apparently uses Microsoft smarts included in Vista.

If it sounds complicated, it’s not. Well, it sorta is. But any interested WinXP users can figure out how to get voice recognition software up and running without too much trouble.

First you set your microphone levels and all that. There’s a wizard to help. Then you start talking. And you can train it to recognize your particular accent better by reading all sorts of interesting stuff into it. Sort of like following the bouncing ball…

I’m using it for my volunteer work at and find it’s really opened the door. I talk much more easily than I type.

The name of the software is e-Speaking Voice. It’s definitely worth a shot… for all you still in the world of Win2000 or WinXP.

What are you thinking?

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