Star Trek, to boldly go where no “one” has gone before…

Star Trek, to boldly go where no “one” has gone before…, Photo copyright © hilllisa23, 2009. All rights reserved.

The New Star Trek movie is on it’s way… warp factor 8 !

Thanks to hilllisa23 for permission to post photo.



  1. Well, they did it in Star Trek: The Next Generation I imagine to avoid sexism.

    When I was a TA at the U. a woman student said she liked TNG because the original series was too sexist.


  2. Did you really see an alien ? because I did too and I am asking myself the same question am I going insane ?




  3. Well simple story I was walking my Dog en there is was cloacked verry good cloak but in a certain angle from where I was standing it was vissable. It was walking behind a maroccan ore turkish (I dont know) man and it touched the back of his head. I am Dutch this all happend in Deventer, The Netherlands. When it saw me looking it dove away behind a tree in the shade then I lost track of it. Really creepy Idea because every day I walk my dog there now I am trying to see if he is still around but I didnt see him again pfff.

    De Groeten uit Nederland


  4. What a stupid thing to do. When it says no “man”, it means mankind, and that includes women. Effing feminist morons. Why do liberals gotta ruin everything. Liberals gotta find something wrong with everything so they can mess up everything.


  5. People are a little too oversensitive… “man” implies huMAN kind. I’m a woman and I see know problem with using “man”. In fact, it is more respectful to the alien races on the show who HAVE gone before the enterprise. 😉


  6. Interesting perspective. I think a lot of gender related issues depend on interpretation. For instance, using “she” for a vessel could be see as “objectifying women” or, alternately, as “marginalizing men.”

    I guess it’s just the history of oppression that gives the mainstream feminist position some weight. When women and men are getting equal salaries for equal work (I don’t think they are yet) and when the distribution of vocations is the same, then maybe the whole thing won’t matter as much. Or perhaps language will change to the point that they’ll be no room for such debates.


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