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amusement tax..


amusement tax.., originally uploaded by earthpages.

I don’t go to the movies that often so was somewhat unamused to discover an amusement tax!


Author: Michael Clark

I'm the administrator of Earthpages.org | Earthpages.ca with a Joint Honours B.A. in Psychology/Sociology at York and Trent U, an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion at Visva-Bharati, India, and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at UOttawa.

7 thoughts on “amusement tax..

  1. I saw it and I haven’t been amused. Did you like it? If not, I’m sure that you can get the refund as well. Just a question of preparing few documents, writing few critics and witness statements for a tax office…


  2. Just when I thought i had seen it all… guess not… This is a riot! 🙂 What will they tax next?


  3. i wouldn’t doubt it… i wonder how that would pan out? there are so many kinds of love… perhaps it would make people realize they are not as miserable as they think… just pay for it… then they would appreciate it… perhaps…


  4. The Amusement Tax Act was repealed in 1992. They shouldn’t be tacking that on to the price.



  5. Enreal has a point here. Having love taxed would mean having it officially noticed and counted. Giving and receiving wouldn’t be a matter of ego but of state. Inspiring idea to write about although Plato was definitely first with his Republic… .


  6. Hmm.. that reminds me of Plato’s Symposium… arguably containing one of the first Queer Theories known to man…

    “O thou Phalerian man, halt! So I did as I was bid; and then he said, I was looking for you, Apollodorus, only just now, that I might ask you about the speeches in praise of love, which were delivered by Socrates, Alcibiades, and others, at Agathon’s supper.”






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