Are you up to tachyonic speed?

C. F. Fitzgerald, “Tachyons” pp. 421-423 cited in
Tachyons, Time Travel, and Divine Omniscience
Author(s): William Lane Craig
Source: The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 85, No. 3 (Mar., 1988), pp. 135-150

I remember once saying to a friend that the pop group The Clash could have had an influence on the music of Beethoven. She couldn’t really see what I was trying to say and, to make matters worse, I didn’t have the conceptual tools back then to elaborate very well.

But these days the notion of retrocausality has been popularized by Stephen Hawking and other top scientists and philosophers take it very seriously.

So I ask… Are you up to tachyonic speed? 😉

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