Gimme Mo-zilla!

Could it be true? I’m almost starting to like Mozilla Firefox more than my old standard, IE. It’s hard to believe that Firefox is based on the more or less defunked Netscape because that’s one browser that I never, ever liked (well, maybe I did in the very early days when I surfed on the university computers…).

So why do I like Firefox?

Well, it seems to run faster on my laptop. And I prefer the intra-search layout. Plus, the tabs at top are smaller.

Does it allow for the Google browser? This I still have to find out… because I really do need the online form spellcheck!


  1. I find myself mixed between IE and Mozilla Foxfire. I like both. Yeah, I liked Netscape’s simplicity when it FIRST came out. But I haven’t liked it since then LOL. If I could just have a combo of the two together, I’d be happy LOL 🙂


  2. Yeah, the other day I was getting a message on IE saying that a ‘script’ was slowing down my computer. I’m not sure if the script in question was from flickr or wordpress. But I didn’t seem to have the problem with Mozilla. Then again, I might not have gone to all the same sites with Mozilla…

    It’s amazing how Netscape fell. Almost nobody uses it now. 8)


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