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Mini-review: The Twilight Zone DVD Vol. 10

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I’ve been battling a chest cold and not getting as much done as I’d like.

Luckily, just before catching the chill I’d been to the library and taken out a few Twilight Zone videos by Rod Serling.

Growing up in the ’60s I managed to see a few of these classic episodes, but not nearly enough.

What a great time to watch them!

Volume 10 of the multi-volume DVD series was perfect for my slightly feverish condition. All four episodes in this set are about time travel (one of my favorite sci-fi themes).

Anyhow, all were captivating but the real show stopper was an episode featuring Buster Keaton, who travels from 1890 (where the sequences are jumpy and silent) to 1962, where we hear the cinematic legend speak.

Not to be missed! Unless, of course, you already happen to be occupied in…



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