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I just finished watching the Russian film Solaris (1972).

Wow… this is a film to be seen.

Admittedly, it’s not as fast-paced as most Occidental fare. But if one regards it as a visual novel, and perhaps pauses the VCR or DVD for breaks every now and then (it actually took me two days to watch the whole film), one will probably be richly rewarded.

This film touches on several fascinating themes. C. G. Jung, I think, would have loved it. Very “inside-outside” and not a little unusual!


Author: Michael Clark

I'm the administrator of Earthpages.org | Earthpages.ca with a Joint Honours B.A. in Psychology/Sociology at York and Trent U, an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion at Visva-Bharati, India, and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at UOttawa.

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