“The Game of Death”… hmmm… thank God for youtube!

I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been on a Bruce Lee kick (no pun intended) for the last few weeks. Last night I watched  “The Game of Death” and was somewhat disappointed. Lee died before the film was completed so the producers hired a double and we don’t really see Lee until the last third of the flick. And when we do see him, none of his characteristic humor and “philosophy of flow” is present. We just see Lee the warrior, not Lee the man (some might say the sage).

But thank God for youtube. All the original footage is there before the editors cut it for the rehashed “Game of Death.” Here we see Lee the man, Lee the philosopher of flexibility and, of course, Lee the warrior.

I guess part of the reason I like Lee is that he represents what was to come, internationally speaking. As he says in a fascinating, indeed, groundbreaking interview with Pierre Berton, he doesn’t see himself as a Chinese or an American but as a “human being” because we’re “all one family.”

Just slightly ahead of his time..?

There are several segments in this series. I haven’t finished getting through them all, although each seems as good as the previous.


What are you thinking?

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