BSG Razor – Way better than I expected

Battlestar Galactica: Razor – Trailer / Preview

Let’s face it. Galactica peaked for a while and then got increasingly lame. So I only had a mild interest when I saw the ads for Razor. But I did watch it. And I’m glad I did. All expectations surpassed. Just like the ‘old’ Galactica Re-imagined before it got all bloated out of shape.

Don’t miss this one (if you like Galactica, that is…). The new character Kendra Shaw (played by Hong Kong-born actor Stephanie Jacobsen) is nothing short of fantastic. Jacobsen charges right into the Galactica scene as if she’d been there a very long time. Impressive, to say the least. And Admiral Cane (remember Ensign Roe from Star Trek TNG?) is pretty good too (even if her hair is a bit different from her previous appearance in the episode Pegasus, which is supposed to be the same time period as Razor).

As for the old cast, they seem to be getting a bit bored with it all. Kara Thrace just doesn’t have the pluck. Admiral Adama is still solid but not quite as soulful as before, as if he’s thinking about his swimming pool while competently going through the motions… And Apollo, well, even he isn’t quite as sparkling as usual.

The cylon blonde (played by Tricia Helfer), however, is far more convincing than before. At least one of the old crew got better with time… even if she is a cylon!

But what I’m wondering is why they don’t give actor Sebastian Spence a fair chance? He played Cade Foster in the cult classic First Wave. And I thought that was a great show (in a campy sort of way). So far I’ve only seen Spence smile and a mutter a word or two on Galactica…

Anyhow, let’s hope that Razor portends the upcoming 4th season of Galactica. For a series that was getting pretty soft, Razor restores the edge.

What are you thinking?

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