Mouse in the house!

mousebox1.jpgUnbelievable as it may seem, we spotted a mouse in the house last night. It was quite upsetting. My first reaction was to go to night Mass as it had already been a busy day and the mouse in the house was just a bit too much.

Anyhow, I came home after Mass and decided I’d deal with the mouse today. Who knows, there could be an entire family of mice.

Now, I’ve always been a nature-lover and generally kind to animals that I don’t eat. So today I phoned up Pet Smart to ask about harmless mousetraps. I didn’t know if they existed or not. But I was hoping. They sent me to Home Depot where I found this fantastic looking black box with a double opening for only 10 bucks! Amazing. So I’m going to try it tonight.

Let’s hope it works and this little mouse picks up my good intention and walks into the harmless box so I can put him/her outside where s/he belongs. 

No more bad mouse karma for me!


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