Which Way is Up? – 4 – The “Field”

field.jpgPreviously I deconstructed and offered some alternative philosophical views concerning the notions of matter and energy (see parts 2 -3). Some might say that one of these views ‘restores’ the reality of matter (and by implication energy).

However, I favor the notion that there’s a ‘field’ (for lack of a better term) out there prior to our interpretation of it. This seems most sensible to me but I cannot really prove it, of course. It’s my cosmological myth of choice. But I don’t stop there, as so many subatomic physics enthusiasts seem to; that would be incomplete because the idea of the ‘field’ doesn’t really account for spiritual and other dimensions.

I also suggested that ’emotion’ and ‘spirit’ are qualitatively different from one another and from the ‘field.’ This is an important point, I think. It precurses my contention that the ‘field’ somehow interacts with other dimensions.

One could further elaborate as to how the dimensions of ‘thought’ and ’emotion’ interact with the ‘field.’ But to do so here would be unwise as I haven’t considered these ideas too carefully.  So I’ll stick to a distinction that I’ve given a fair amount of thought to, this being the distinction between the ‘field’ and possible ‘spiritual’ dimensions.

Theologically speaking, this would be the distinction between the natural, created world on the one hand, and spiritual graces, powers, infused knowledge, revelation, illumination and so on, on the other hand.


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