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High octane Canadian-born rocker Avril Lavigne is being sued by a 70’s California band for apparently lifting one of their hooks. The following video presents both songs in question.

After watching I’d say it’s one of those “on the line” things. Oldtimers like myself will also remember the Rolling Stones’ “Hey hey You you… get off my cloud.”

I play around with composing pop music myself and the more I get into it, the more I realize that many pop songs are quite similar. And not only pop. I’ve also found strains of classical music that reappear among the so-called great composers.

Was Avril ‘channeling’ from the muses as she wrote? Or perhaps unconsciously synthesizing stuff she heard as a two-year-old? Who can say? I guess the courts will decide, unless the case is settled out of court…


Author: Michael Clark

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