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llsmith.jpgSure, I like sci-fi. Not all sci-fi, mind you. But here’s a comic-book style TV show called Mutant X that I happen to enjoy every once in a while.

So called ‘intellectuals’ often pooh pooh sci-fi because they think it’s silly. But if taken as myth, I think sci-fi may point to unspoken realities that are best expressed symbolically.

As for Mutant X, which must be a spin-off from the X-Men movies, one of the main actors Lauren Lee Smith (who plays the telepathic Emma) more recently did a somewhat steamy movie, Lie With Me. I was a bit surprised at first to discover this. But when I considered her rationale, I have to admit that she makes a good point. Basically, Smith says that people freak out” when a bit of nudity is portrayed in the media but blindly accept all sorts of hideous violence without blinking an eye.

Last night while watching snippets of a Bruce Willis movie about a psycho terrorist in New York, I couldn’t help but remember Smith’s argument. Why is it that we dislike seeing nakedness in the media but have no problem with blood, gore and the like?

Not a terribly new thought. But it was good to be reminded.


Author: Michael Clark

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