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handshake_150.jpgI just started another blog earthpages – errata which will probably bore most people. While michaelwclark.com (this blog) is about my scholarly, cultural and spiritual interests, earthpages errata, records the day to day, mundane chores necessary to maintaining and developing earthpages.org. Sort of like a captains log… or captain’s blog.

Needless to say, I’m very impressed with wordpress and would like to get my entire site on some kind of platform like this.


Author: Michael Clark

I'm the administrator of Earthpages.org | Earthpages.ca with a Joint Honours B.A. in Psychology/Sociology at York and Trent U, an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion at Visva-Bharati, India, and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at UOttawa.

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